Changemaker Workbook for Impact Measurement Success

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Co-designed with social enterprises across Australia over the latter half of 2022, this Changemaker Workbook for Impact Measurement is designed to hold your hand, and lead you through the process of starting to measure your social impact.

Our goal has been to create a workbook that helps you start from where you are, and get some useful frameworks around defining and communicating your desired social impact, and then measuring it!

⭐ Containing four sections, covering:

  1. Your social change focus
  2. Creating your logic model
  3. Choosing how to measure your social change
  4. Communicating your mission and social impact for buy-in and support

This workbook contains further reading and resources for diving deeper in any section, and for taking the next steps.

⭐ You will get out of the workbook:

  • A logic model that you can use to show funders and supporters, clarify your thinking, and work from as you deliver your initiatives
  • Indicators and metrics to track to measure your social change outcomes
  • Research / Interview / Survey Questions that you can ask to find out qualitative and quantitative information about your initiatives
  • Simple models for expressing the change created by your initiatives, and the need for change - both valuable for communicating value to funders, customers and supporters
  • An overview of where to get started with impact measurement, whether you are well on your way to achieving your social impact, or just have an idea for creating change

You are also able to receive:

Once you've completed your workbook, you can use the information gathered to:

  • Start measuring outcomes from your initiatives for social change
  • Create surveys, interviews, and other data collection activities relating to your social change
  • Benchmark your social change progress through regular data collection
  • Include your logic model in grant / funding applications, to help prove that your initiative is backed by evidence and good practice
  • Communicate your desired and achieved social change to supporters and customers (for example, in impact reports, and as part of your brand communications)
  • Use information from your outcomes measurements to improve programs and services, and serve your beneficiaries better
  • Help in getting accreditation with Social Traders
  • And bringing greater clarity around your social change model and initiatives


  • How big is the workbook?
    About 8 pages long if it was a PDF
  • How long will it take to do the workbook activities?
    A big part of the activities is spending time considering what you are doing, who you are doing it for, why you're doing it. That kind of soul-searching stuff for your social enterprise! So, depending on if you're already on a roll thinking about your mission and impact, or if you're just starting to, we estimate it could take between 2hrs to multiple thinking sessions to complete the workbook. However, it's what you do after doing these workbook activities that really builds momentum.
  • Is this just for social enterprises?
    We have co-designed this workbook with social enterprises, small businesses, non-profits and people who work in local councils. The information is relevant throughout different organisations and at different stages.
  • What other support can I get?
    We also offer resources on:
    - Output Tracking (free)
    - Just the Logic Model (free)
    - Lightweight CRM
    - Personal achievements tracker
    Find the details on our GumRoad home page:

Enjoy, and best wishes on your impact measurement! We'd love to hear how you go.

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Changemaker Workbook for Impact Measurement Success

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