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Light CRM for Notion

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Light CRM allows you to:

  • Map your client ecosystem and its qualities
  • Track your client relationships
  • Remind yourself of 'next actions' like following up after quoting or after project finish
  • Save and search your client details
  • View client information for financial year reviews

"I have found the CRM incredibly helpful particularly from a start up perspective as I grow my potential client base and start to organise things properly. It’s really good to have everything put into a well considered structure."
- Abbie Williams, Letters of Hope

Who's it for?

  • Designed for small enterprises and sole traders
  • Tested by social enterprises, non-profits and individuals


  • Add as many customer qualities and tags as you need
  • Powerful visual database
  • Upload files (like contracts and invoices) or images
  • No ongoing CRM fees
    (Notion has its own subscription which has free and paid tiers)

How to use:

It's best to get started by entering some of your current contacts. Start to see what features are relevant to add to each client. Options include: client type, work done, client industry... Anything that you might report on if you do yearly reports and would find useful.

One example we use as a social enterprise is a checkbox for if the contact is a pro bono or supported client. As a women-led business, we have another check box for if the client is a women-led organisation. These are two things that come into our reporting yearly and are very helpful to reference. We also track the number of hours that each client generates for our pro bono work. This folds in nicely with our Output Tracker where we then keep track of the pro bono hours used and who they were used by.

"I like the different sorting capacity and I like that it’s simple."
- A non-profit staff member who went on to share it with their organisation


Showing a list of clients and their project phase, approx value, business type and services provided.

Showing clients by phase or project status, a bit like a Trello board.

Follow up actions view, also showing priority flags. These actions can be changed to anything that suits you.

Clients over a particular financial year. Showing work done and relationship and project value.

Where the above screenshots show certain value columns, these can be changed by dragging others into view. They have been sorted into an order to see important characteristics for each view, but each view contains the full amount of information for the contact. The views are just different ways of displaying the data, to help you do different things.

Light CRM is very flexible and can grow with your needs, or can also be simplified from the current columns or views, to exactly what you use and need from it.


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Light CRM for Notion

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