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Have you ever needed to express the cost or value of your social change initiatives?

Are you applying for Social Traders, B Corp or social enterprise accreditation?

  • Do you need to keep track of your beneficiaries and their demographic, contact or business information?
  • Or establish habits for collecting feedback and measuring outcomes?

This is where tracking tools really come in handy. From our own experience getting Social Traders accredited and going through the B Corp process, we realised that having an easy, fun, and useful tracker around your social enterprise output is really helpful.

  • We developed this template for our own social enterprise accreditations and to keep records of time spent on our social enterprise programs. Helping keep ourselves accountable (and our programs effective!) with follow ups, amount of hours spent, and equivalent value in services also helps us shape our social enterprise going forward.

This tracker helps you to quantify hours spent, cost to your business of providing your social change initiative (such as in equivalent value given, if you provide free services), and track demographic details that are important to your social mission.

It's also set up to help measure program efficiency and you can tweak it to collect the right kind of data for your type of social activities. This way you're half way there for evaluation time.

Data like:

  • Type of business / organisation / individual your beneficiary is,
  • Demographic information such as women-led, LGBTIQ, migrant community or any other relevant details (it's totally customisable to what is right for you), and
  • Whether you've followed up (such as with a survey) to measure your outcomes & impact.

Separated into handy views such as:

  • Full view to enter and view all records
  • "Follow up" view for quickly seeing actions that need taking (like sending out an evaluation survey)
  • Financial year views for reporting on total hours / cost and other data for internal or accreditation reports

Ability to:

  • Extend with columns to measure specifics of your own initiatives
  • Create new views and filters for admin and reporting
  • Import existing data if you already track some of these elements elsewhere (You can use the Merge with CSV button in the ••• menu at the top right of the database to import your CSV into an existing database.)
  • Save as PDF or export as .csv to use as supporting material in accreditations to show your social enterprise in action

Provided as a Notion template (Notion is free) that you can add to your own workspace, and use and adapt to your needs.

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Social Change Output Tracker

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